The study on Investigation of female migrant workers to participate in leisure activities

Abstract:Leisure is a part of modern society to be ignored,with the development of the times,leisure has become an important feature of human society.From the perspective of the social structure,the leisure could reflect the complex structure of social unity,the activities of the structure and psychological structure,which is an important part of people's lifestyle.A French scholar,said:"A man chose their own leisure way,that is,chose their own way of life."This paper aims to survey women migrant workers in leisure activities,reveal leisure life women migrant workers,and accelerate their urbanization and modernization process.

Subjects:female migrant workers in Chengdu city

Methods:literature,questionnaire,mathematical statistics and logical analysis

Results and analysis:

1. A female migrant workers in cities mainly engaged in cleaning work,the main female sex due to their own reasons,mainly engaged in the service sectors in the city,clean handyman,salesperson,etc.,their income is not high.

2. The main reason is that women migrant workers have no time to participate in recreational sports,followed by more housework,then followed by no fitness habits,no fitness sites.Female migrant workers not only their own busy,but also to engage in home for dinner,laundry,cleaning,etc.,so there is no time to participate in leisure activities.

3. 39.8%of people care about leisure sports in general,20.7%of people care about leisure sports,6.4%of people is very concerned about leisure sports.This reflects on the lower degree of female migrant workers paying close attention on recreational sports.This is also clearly the fitness and overall trends are inconsistent.Learned through further interviews,migrant workers are most concerned about their own income and life,pay attention to leisure sports is still relatively cold.Therefore,the local government and relevant departments should vigorously promote physical fitness meaning among migrant workers and provide them with the necessary fitness for ways to improve their level of concern for the sport.

4. Preferred active are concentrated in watching TV,doing leisure time about female migrant workers.36.8%of people watch television,housework has 23.2 percent of the population,there are 15.5%of the population to sleep,accounted for 7.3%of poker players,friends accounted for 5.4%.In his spare time to select sports,reading,shopping,very few people have a choice movement,accounting for 0.4%,7 people shopping,accounting for 2.6%,reading three people,accounting for 1.2%.In his spare time to select sports,reading,shopping,more people are single or unmarried migrant workers.From single or unmarried see,they have generally more free time,no family burden,responsibility married relatively small,so the idle time can freely dispose of their favorite activities.

Conclusions and Recommendations:

1. A female migrant workers due to the long working hours,labor-intensive,and the resulting physical fatigue,so that migrant workers need time to recuperate and energy,lack of leisure time and leisure activities less its content,it is difficult to integrate into the city's leisure life.Secondly,Due to reasons of gender and social expectations,that they are responsible for the family,and many more with his family,with his family as the main leisure style.

2. Female migrant workers in my spare time mainly take the way of self-entertainment,basically do not need any spending,can be said to combine savings and practical.Although the city has a variety of entertainment,but they are rarely involved.

3. Affected by today's mass media culture of life,so that women migrant workers in the choice of leisure on the produce and the social mainstream convergence phenomenon-----watching TV.The use of some migrant workers in leisure time has some changes,take some urban colors.Such as watching television accounted for 36.8%,accounting for 1.2%of reading,sports persons accounted for 0.4%.Television,books,newspapers and other media are modern,plays a big role in the modernity spread.