3.0 The highest power body of the association is the representative assembly. Which consists of all members. The executive body is executive council and the daily working body is the secretariat.

3.1 The representative assembly exercises power as follows:

a.The right to amend the by-laws.

b.The right to discuss and decide work guiding principles and other tasks .

c.The right to examine and check work reports and the financial reports of the association.

d.The right to elect a new-term executive council.

e.The right to discuss and decide whether to admit new members.

f.The right to discuss and decide other important activities and items of the association as required by the associations operations.

3.2 When the representative assembly of all members is not in meeting, the executive council implements decisions of representative assembly and direct the work of the association.

3.3 The executive council has one Chairman, several Vice-Chairmen, one Secretary-general, several Vice Secretary-generals, several executive directors and directors who are voted in by the representative assembly. The Vice-Chairmen, Vice Secretary-generals, executive directors and directors need to consider the distribution of countries and regions. The term of each executive council is four years.

3.4 The secretariat of the association completes all tasks that are given by executive council and is responsible for arranging the annual meeting and dealing with daily affairs.

3.5 The secretariat is established in China, which is composed of one secretary-general and a prescribed number of working personnel. The funding budget of the secretariat shall be discussed and decided at the annual meeting of the association.

3.6 The World Leisure Sports Association shall convene the annual membership meeting at least once every year.? The annual membership meeting of the association shall be held on the day of the second Saturday and Sunday in October each year except that if such a day be a legal holiday then in that event the executive council shall fix a new date and venue. The secretary shall be responsible for informing all members by email of the new time and place of the annual meeting.

3.7 No decision of guiding principle, modification of aim and policy decisions about management and other important items will be accepted without affirmative votes of over 2/3 members. Members may vote by their appointed proxies but their trust deed must be submitted to the secretariat 10 days ahead of the date of the annual meeting.