2.0 The initiators of the “World Leisure Sports Association” consist of leisure sports experts, scholars and corporate elitists from China, United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Japan, Korea, Chinese Taipei, Macao, and other countries and regions.

2.1 Membership Requirements

a. Have the willingness to join the association and abide by it “By Laws”.

b. Hold higher academic attainments in the field of sports and leisure sports.

c. Possess management working experience concerning the sports industry and leisure sports.

d. Be proficient in organizing leisure sports projects and events.

2.2 Members’ rights

a. All members have the right to elect any other member or be elected to any office with the association and to vote in any such election.

b. All members have the right to supervise works of the association, make criticism and suggestions and report any other members' behavior that breaches the associations regulations.

c. All members have the right to take part in various activities of the association.

d. All members have the right to enjoy all preferential policies of the association.

e. Observers possess the above rights except for items 1 and 5 of these rights.

2.3 Members are obligated to abide by the following.

a. Observe laws and rules of all countries, and pay membership dues according to the by-laws.

. Read and obey the by-laws of the association and conscientiously accept the supervision of the association

c. Take an active part in all activities of the association.

d. Observe the by-laws of the association and execute the decisions of the association.

2.4 Membership Withdrawal

Members have the freedom to withdraw from the association. When applying for withdrawal, the applicant shall provide a written application and explain the withdrawal request reasons. Members can only withdraw after gaining consent of executive council.