Investigations on Body sculpting sports of leisure activities for female flight attendants

Abstract:sports and leisure activities refers to the basic form of physical activity to health,entertainment,recreation,relaxation and stimulation for the main purpose of exploring social and leisure activities.In modern society,people's quality of life have higher requirements,the body itself becomes an object of aesthetic.Therefore,to create a beautiful body lines,to culture fit body shape and posture,become one purpose in sports and leisure activities.Flight attendants have beautiful,dignified,generous appearance,who leave a good image characteristics for people.They assume important responsibilities within the aircraft cabin safety and service,represent the airline's image,personal qualities will affect the airline's image and benefits.By sculpting female air crew and cognitive behavioral analysis concepts,designed to make the girls have a correct understanding for body sculpting,and then put forward feasible suggestions.

Keywords:female flight attendants,shaping cognitive,behavior.

1. An object of study

Randomly selected 332 professional girls air crew in Civil Aviation Flight University of china

2. Research Methods

With professional female air crew for the survey,using literature data,questionnaires,interviews,data statistics on female air crew of professional conduct data collection and analysis of the issues involved.According to the study design questionnaires,a total of 11 sub-questions,332 questionnaires were returned of 321,299 valid questionnaires,93.1%.

3. Results and Analysis

3.1 Overall basic situation

In the 299 respondents,freshman girls 168,131 sophomore girls,with an average age of(19.2±0.8)years,minimum 18 years,maximum 21 years old.Body mass index(BMI)mean 18.78kg/m²,which is less than 18.5kg/m²accounted for 34.9%,more than 18.5kg/m²and less than 22.9kg/m²accounted for 65.1%.This standard is determined survey mean BMI between normal,but just above the lower limit of normal(18.5kg/m²)that belong to the slim type,indicating that respondents relatively well-proportioned body,attitude than the United States.

3.2 Sculpting experience,build self-awareness Analysis

In less than 18.5kg/m²121 students,25 people are sculpting,20.7%,and in which 25 people,23 people are dissatisfied with their body,accounting for 92%;greater than 18.5kg/m²and less than 22.9kg/m²178 students,38 people are sculpting,accounting for 21.3%,and in which 38 people,63.2%of people dissatisfied with their body.Description own body awareness Most respondents thought overweight than the actual size,this realization led to the girls tend to sculpting reasons.

3.3 Awareness and knowledge of fitness motivation Source Analysis

On their own body dissatisfaction in the first row,we can see that Physical beauty have relatively more plastic than looks,focusing on the external image of the shape,by sculpting to meet their requirements,therefore,tendency to sculpting has become a common phenomenon.

3.4 Shaping behavior analysis method

In the 243 who are shaping or sculpting of students,sculpting in the first row of the selected method is to choose sports body sculpting 208 people,accounting for 85.6%,came in second to adjust the diet is to choose 163 people,accounting for 67.1%,came in third is to choose a diet 138 people,accounting for 56.8%;ranked fourth is shaping underwear 19 people,accounting for 7.8%,the drug of choice body sculpting,people choosing body sculpting instrument is very few.Description of respondents possess a higher level of education,with a strong ability to judge their own observation of things,so that in the choice of body sculpting method is also more rational,not very blind.

3.5 Body sculpting and motion analysis

25 people exercise regularly,10.3%;192 people sometimes sports,accounting for 79%;26 people do not exercise,accounting for 10.7%,reflecting the mood of students to participate in sports is not high.This reflects the professional female flight attendants,although the perception of body sculpting very understanding,but in behavior and cognition,but contrary.

4.Conclusions and Recommendations

4.1 Conclusion

Most professional female flight attendants have understood shaping cognitive,but the behavior is inconsistent with the perception,there is no proper understanding of the relationship between fitness and health,body sculpting motive is not clear.Many students in dealing with the United States recognize that slim,"Sprouts"type is beautiful.Colorful and modern university life full of college students material of everyday life,but in order to keep fit for the target to physical exercise and very few people and Lacking of proper fitness guidance.Diet and exercise are the best way to prevent weight gain or lose weight.Before or during the sculpting,weight loss or fitness expert guidance of a doctor but few go on sculpting.Fashion movement-yoga has been the first choice for college girls body sculpting.

4.2 Proposal

For the girls in our hospital attendants cognition and behavior shaping of the existence of errors,made the following recommendations,schools should pay attention to the health problems of girls,so that they clear the relationship between fitness and health.Students should strengthen modern aerobics physical exercise and dance training