General Rules

Firstly: The by-laws are made in order to promote the popularization, academic exchanges, tourism, and industry development of leisure sports throughout the world, in an endeavor to improve the quality of life of people worldwide.

Secondly: The “World Leisure Sports Association” is a non-governmental international association which has legal person representative qualifications with its headquarters located in the United States.

Thirdly: The aims of “World Leisure Sports Association” is to spread cultures of leisure sports, the promotion of the leisure sports industry, strengthen international leisure cooperation and to promote ?the?development?of leisure sports throughout the world.

1.0 The mission of the “World Leisure Sports Association”.

a.Through organizing leisure sports and academic exchanges around the world, we will strive to provide international platforms for experts and scholars in the field of leisure sports studies to exchange theories and experiences.

b.To showcase leisure sports achievements by the development of exhibitions and exchange activities, promote entrepreneurship, innovations, as well as source investment co-operations and exchanges within the sports industry.

c.Through organizing leisure sports tourism activities around the world, we intend to explore global sports tourism resources, promote a better understanding between sports and tourism, strengthen national leisure sports culture communications and accelerate the development of the sports tourism industry.

d.By the collection of information and participation at all levels of leisure sports events around the world, we will attempt to organize and carry out leisure sports projects, promote the spread and associated activities of leisure sports with national characteristics.