Countermeasures for the Development of Sports Tourism Resources

Wang Yu,Guo Ping

HohaiUniversity P.E Department Nanjing, Jiangsu,China

Abstract:As an important part of the Yangtze River Delta urban agglomeration,Nanjing and its surrounding areas has a profound water culture.The development of sports tourism resources,however,is not ideal.This article analyzes this region’s geographical advantages and cultural atmosphere.Put forward to redraw waters with pieces.Actively develop new products,new forms of tourismand new areas.We should strengthen the“water”theme tourismthrough the industrial chain,build brand leadership modeland drive the development of global industry.At the same time it puts forward some reasonable countermeasures for the development of sports tourism resources in the perspective of cultural characteristics and classification of the sports tourism.

Key Words:Yangtze River Delta;Sports tourism;Culture of Water;Countermeasures