An Investigation on the Sports Consumption and Influencing Factors of College Students

Wang Li-li

Physical Education Institute of Huai’an Normal University,Huai’an,Jiangsu223300,China

ObjectivesThis paper takes the college students of Huai’an as the objects of studyto find characteristics and behavior of college students.

MethodsBy using the methods of literature,questionnaire,mathematical statistics and other research methods,we take an investigation on the sports consumption and influencing factors of college students in Huai’an City.

ConstructionsThe survey results show thatthe vast majority of students hold positive attitudes on sports consumption of college students,however,the leisure sports consumption level is still maintained at a relatively low level on the structure of the college students.At the same time leisure sports consumption proportion is very incoordinated and multi-level,leisure sports consumption in kind of sports consumption is much larger than other types of sports clothing and equipment.Factors influencing college students’ leisure sports consumptionare mainly the study burden and no time or space for sports.That means leisure sports consumption environment is not perfect.

SuggestionsTherefore,it is suggested that the society from all walks of life should play on radio and television,network,newspapers and other media to broadcast the significance of promotion of sports knowledge and physical healthand to enhance the students’ awareness of sports and leisure sports consumption consciousnessin order to gradually guide the leisure sports consumption of college students embarked on the rational,scientific road, to promote leisure sports consumption growth,optimize the structure of consumption of college students.Due to the college students having no fixed income,a variety of sports industry development and operation should be based on college students’ consumer preferencesand the positive development of sports productsto meet the needs of college students’ leisure sports consumption,to explore the potential market of sports;the positive development of school and community sports resourcesso as to create conditions for college students’ leisure sports consumption.Sports facilities in schools should be increased investment to improve the conditions of the site.It should do everything possible to open to the students.We should make full use of school teachers’ advantage to make guidance of leisure sports consumption to students.In addition,according to the current college students’ heavy learning task,the school can develop popular sports activities on the weekends,carrying out the familyand the community as the theme of the sports activitiesto make more and more positive factors.

Key words:College students;Leisure sports; Consumption;Factors