Analysis On the Cause Of Injury Incidence In Sports Adventure Activity

Abstract:New Zealand is known as the king of the sports adventure in the world.However,the injured incidence and prevalence during those few years takes some bad effect on the development of its industry and cause a large number of economic damage.This article classified the sports adventure activity in NZ and raked the risk according to the dangerous of those activities.The adventure activity are classified into three kinds:aviation-based activities,water-based activities,land-based activities.Mountaineering and tramping,snow sports,mountain biking,horse riding are the most dangerous activity according to the NZHIS and ACC database.Besides,these article discussed the injured initiating event and the contributory factor:falls,struck by/against an object or person,exposure to cold or heat,drowning or non-fatal submersion,twisting,manual handling,injured by animal caused the injured and incidence.Especially the falls,which include slips,trips and falls are the main factor cause the injured.According to adventure activity,the ranked adventure activity and the cause,this article design the model for the cause of the injured incidence.:Falls,struck,twisting is the main factor.A lot of accidents caused by falling from the height,losing balance and other activities;changeable weather which cause the death happened all the time;client,environment,risk management,operator are also the contributory factor to the risk.Environment factor,latent failure,active failure cause the false action by the clients when facing the risk,which directly cause the injured and death.

Key Words:Incidence,Adventure,Factor