Current Situation of Leisure Sports Development in Europe and America and its Enlightenment to China

A paper Current Situation of Leisure Sports Development in Europe and America and its Enlightenment to China written by Professor Xiangru Li (President of World Leisure Sports Association) was published recently in Journal of Chengdu Sport University, No.4, 2017.

This paper claims that the leisure era is approaching and leisure has become part of people’s life. It discusses in main issues related to the development of leisure sports in European and American countries in the fields of sports health, leisure sports, sports tourism and leisure sports industry. What’s more, considering the global trend of leisure sports and China’s role in leading a healthy world, expectation on the development of leisure sport in China is expressed.

By studying the current development of leisure sports in some developed countries in Europe and America such as France, Canada and Australia and so on, it’s pointed out that, with economic and social development, the increase of personal material wealth and free time, leisure sports as a power that can improve human beings’ health in current era, a new lifestyle and a cultural phenomenon, attracts much attention and are widely accepted by the public. In addition, the advocacy of the truth and the quality of life, the shaping of positive leisure ideas and the pursuit of experience-based sports and leisure characterized by the integrity of body and mind, all these changes promote its flourish.

Prof. Xiangru Li considers the study of leisure sports’ development in European and American countries could inspire China in three aspects:

First is the change of ideas, that is, making concepts leading the change in leisure sports. Sports and leisure sports play an important role not only in improving people’s health but also in promoting the upgrading of sports consumption structure and the development of sports industry. In addition, people’s viewpoints are crucial for the revolution of leisure sports for the reason that its development needs not only their concern, but also their active participation.

Second is the innovation of new ways of development, taking society and the market as the core strength to promote its development. On the one hand, associations, colleges and universities, clubs and enterprises should provide diversified leisure sports products and services so as to meet the balance between supply and demand. On the other hand, since market is the decisive factor in allocating leisure sports resources, market logic and efficiency logic should dominate its development.

Third is the cultural cultivation, creating a rich culture so as to nourish its development. Government takes the main responsibility to create relevant systems and provide leisure sports facilities and equipments, ensuring its support in material, system and culture. Moreover, the government should strengthen the publicity and guidance of leisure sports, improve the cultural consciousness of both suppliers of leisure sports products and services and various participants, and implement their cultural consciousness in the development, participation and consumption of leisure sports.

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